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seismic processing services australia nz Excel Geophysical Services (New Zealand) Ltd offers 2D and 3D seismic processing services in a growing New Zealand and Australian market. Established in 2006 to provide customised processing on a timely basis, personnel have worldwide experience in seismic data acquisition and processing to offer clients in the Oil & Gas, Coal Seam Gas, Coal and Engineering industries.

Using Landmark’s ProMAX interactive seismic data processing system, Excel specialises in small to medium sized 2D and 3D projects for land and marine data. Four Workstations along with 32TB network attached storage provide sufficient capacity and help to ensure a reasonable delivery time.

Seismic field QC services are available for acquisition in New Zealand and remotely for overseas locations. Highly skilled personnel with international experience have extensive QC technical capability to offer clients.

Consultancy services are also available for 2D seismic survey acquisition, seismic field QC within New Zealand, preparation and supervision for other geophysical surveys.


In 2016 Excel provided Seismic Field QC services on the Kapuni 3D survey in Taranaki, NZ.

In 2014, a NAS was added to the network and provides 32 terra bytes disk space.

In 2012 Excel upgraded to Flatirons (TM) software for refraction statics calculations. Flatirons is applicable to 2D and 3D surveys.

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